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After my visit to L'epicerie Du Cirque, I decided to add another restaurant to my list of Jong Keukengeweld (‘Young Kitchen Violence’) discoveries. Restaurant Ardent opened a little over three years ago on the Dageraadplaats in Antwerp. Chef Wouter Van Steenwinkel and his team want to surprise you with their refined French-Belgian cuisine, offering pure food with respect for local, seasonal products. I've heard a lot of good things about restaurant Ardent, so my expectations were high. Welcome to Ardent Restaurant Ardent has a great location. The Dageraadplaats is a cozy

The organization of Jong Keukengeweld ('Young Kitchen Violence') offers you the chance to discover famous Flemisch restaurants at a discount price. They have a list of  58 chefs, are all under 35 years old, who like to welcome you at their table. I used their invitation to have dinner at L'epicerie Du Cirque, a one Michelin Star restaurant in Antwerp, lead by Dennis Broeckx. Welcome to L'epicerie Du Cirque It was my first time in L'epicerie Du Cirque and I immediately loved the atmosphere. We received a warm welcome, with

Sushi, or cold boiled rice with raw seafood in bite-size pieces, is Japanese food that has evolved from ‘sush-what?’ to one of the most popular lunch and dinner options, for both a normal household buying it in the supermarket to Kim Kardashian eating it in a sky bar in New York. You can find it anywhere, in big cities and small towns, and if you don’t want to go outside, you can have it delivered. Sushi is booming! And if you’re looking for a