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The Holy Food Market in Ghent opened its door this weekend. It’s the second food market in Belgium and inspired by food markets in Barcelona, Copenhagen and Rotterdam. Fancy street food is hot at the moment. Michelin star chefs are opening luxury French fry shacks and serving ** hot dogs. So what in God’s name can you expect from the Holy Food Market in Ghent (pun intended)? What to expect? As I entered the Holy Food Market, I was pleasantly surprised by its unique setting. The

Sushi, or cold boiled rice with raw seafood in bite-size pieces, is Japanese food that has evolved from ‘sush-what?’ to one of the most popular lunch and dinner options, for both a normal household buying it in the supermarket to Kim Kardashian eating it in a sky bar in New York. You can find it anywhere, in big cities and small towns, and if you don’t want to go outside, you can have it delivered. Sushi is booming! And if you’re looking for a

Who does not know Antwerp’s Cathedral of Our Lady or the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom)? Instead of writing about Antwerp’s most fabulous places, I decided to give you a glimpse of the hidden gems in Belgium’s second largest city. After having lived 27 years in the historical city center, it is about time to guide you to the places that remain hidden for the average tourist and even for most of the city’s inhabitants. Feel free to add to this list! Always curious