Going to Paris is always great! The city of lights and love. But between all the couples and tourists, it’s great to take some time to relax. Here are 4 perfect getaways.

Brunch & Coffee
Coutume Café
47, rue Babylone, 7e, Paris
Tue-Fri 8-19h, Sat-Sun 10-19h

A coffee bar conceived as a science lab right in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, hosting a diverse clientele of expats, locals and tourists enjoying the typical ‘detox veggie brunch’ – yeah, this must be Paris. Tap water is served in chemist’s flasks, and on the wall a poster shows the different coffees with abbreviations resembling chemical elements. You almost feel like entering a wine bar, where the barista welcomes you playing sommelier and theatrically explaining the various plantations and tastes.  An industrial décor combined with stainless steel sink units with tropical plants growing in it. One thing is sure: Coutume Café prepares its coffee with scientific élan.

Coutume caféFoto credit: Magnus Omme


Brunch Sat & Sun 12-15h
64 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 PARIS

Abundance of sweet, salty and healthy food and a deluge of tasty coffee, detox tea and fresh juices within a leather fauteuil and contemporary bookshelves setting – there is no better waking up on a Sunday morning than L’Echappée in the Oberkampf quartier.  You better make your reservation in advance, or someone else will nibble on your homemade raspberry cheesecake. The 26EUR pp is definitely worth the price.  Just make sure you reserve your spot in the local spa as well – in order to digest all these divine tastes.


foto 1 kopie

Maison Constant – Les Cocottes:
135, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris, 7e
Lunch 12-15:30h
Dinner 18:30-22:30h (23h on Fri-Sat)

Situated in the prestigious 7th arrondissement, this contemporary établissement does not accept any reservations. And Christian Constant (owner and chef) certainly doesn’t need to – first come first serve! All the high tables are occupied – surprisingly by locals only.  Where did the tourists go? Nevertheless, a friendly waitress leads us to a free spot and serves us a mouthwatering ‘Bisque de crustacés à l’ancienne légèrement crémée’, served in the typical cast-iron Staub cocotte.  Although some of them might fit in a purse – one can purchase the cute casseroles in the restaurant. If you want to enjoy traditional yet fresh and seasonal dishes in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, this is definitely the place to be.

foto 2

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Afternoon dose of caffeine
La Caféotheque
52, rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville, 75004 Paris, 4e
Mon-Sun 9:30-19:30h

La Caféotheque is one of the first Parisian pioneers in specialty coffee, founded 7 years ago by a former ambassador of Guatemala. The barista makes you glow with his coffee artwork made with Latin passion. Wander around in the coziness and chaos of the Latin inspired small rooms with the most eclectic furniture. Yes, I will definitely come back to this Parisian hub for coffee culture, where every coffee is accompanied by homemade sweets or pastries. Next time I’d like to follow one of the many courses giving in the back of the bar. Anything in order to maintain my caffeine addiction!

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