Sushi, or cold boiled rice with raw seafood in bite-size pieces, is Japanese food that has evolved from ‘sush-what?’ to one of the most popular lunch and dinner options, for both a normal household buying it in the supermarket to Kim Kardashian eating it in a sky bar in New York. You can find it anywhere, in big cities and small towns, and if you don’t want to go outside, you can have it delivered. Sushi is booming! And if you’re looking for a place to eat Sushi in Antwerp, then all you need is this short guide.


I tried to make my own sushi rolls a couple of weeks ago, and it’s not difficult at all, as you can buy every ingredient in a supermarket. The best supermarket to buy all your ingredients is Sun Wah in China Town near the central station in Antwerp (also open on Sunday). The art is in the rolling: not too hard, but not too gentle as well, as it will then fall apart again. Enrich your plate with some ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce, and you’re good to go.

Sun Wah Antwerpen

Sushi Places in Antwerp

The past few years, I’ve eaten sushi at least twice a month in the lovely city of Antwerp. I have my favorites, but there are opening up new venues almost every week, so you need to keep track. Too many options you say? No problem, let me help you!

The most famous one: ZaoWang ( They have two locations, one at the cozy Oude Koornmarkt and one at the fancy Zuid. Both places are always packed and have a very assembly line dynamic, so I would rate them too busy for an intimate dinner. The food is great though, and you pay between €62 and €70 for a two person boat.

The basic one: Ocean Sushi ( More traditional than ZaoWang, but also less fancy. They have one venue now at the Graaf van Egmontstraat, as there other one burned down a while ago. Ocean Sushi is also fast pace, but it feels less artificial. A boat arrives at your table for €70.

The creative one: ko’uzi ( This one breaks with the styles of the Asian restaurant and goes for a modern design and interior. Their main focus is take-out, but you can also eat-in at their Leopoldplaats spot. They are only open till 8, so lunch or early dinner is the way to go. The food? Delicious and original, as they have combinations you don’t see too often, think tartare of salmon, white radish and chive or raw shrimp, kaffir leaves oil and lime. Definitely worth a visit as their sushi can be small art pieces. Prices are a bit steeper here, starting at €75 for two persons.

The all-you-can-eat one: Kaiseki ( If you don’t attach too much importance to refined sushi and you have a big appetite, this is the place you are looking for. Centrally located at the Keyserlei, next to the central train station, you can eat all sushi you want for only €17.5 a person for lunch, and €25 a person for dinner. The food isn’t spectacular, but it’s more than decent and the menu is extensive.

The one I’m in doubt about: Saitama ( This sushi place is the first one I ever did in Antwerp, but since then it changed its name already two times, with some new personnel arriving every time. The first time I went there, I loved it, but now it’s sometimes very good and sometimes just okay. The location is cool, at the Sint-Paulusplaats next to the red light district of Antwerp. A boat costs you €46, which is more than fair.

My favorite one: Unagi ( In the Hoogstraat at the old town of Antwerp, this one is all I want in a sushi place. Traditional, fast, very friendly, and not too pricy. Oh, and very yummy, obviously. For only €50 you get a misso soup and an enjoyable two person boat. You can also do take-out which even gives you a 10% discount if you order online. Sorry, I’m not hiding it, I’m a fan.

Sushi in Antwerp

Never ending story

Like I already said, I’m discovering new sushi places every time I open my internet browser. Next up my list is Tomi Sushi in Borgerhout ( Curious if they can challenge my list.

Bon appetite!


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