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With ‘One night in Bangkok’ from Murray Head echoing through my earplugs, I landed in Asia for the very first time. Ready for my maiden-trip to Bangkok, right into the heart of the land of smiles. Are you passing by Bangkok soon and looking for a way to spend your time as best as possible for a first class experience? Many people warned me that Bangkok is a ‘love it or hate it’ city, yet after only a few moments I realized that there are

Fruit lovers, BEWARE, as your taste buds will need time to process this: Thai fruits will leave you in awe. We made a rather comprehensive list. Raw, in juices or in meals and desserts, doesn’t matter: go and explore these exotic tastes of thai fruits! Guava (Fa-rang) The word “Farang” in Thai means foreigner and this alone tells you that this is not a native fruit. In fact it comes from the Americas. Very crunchy and best served with a seasoning consisting of salt, sugar and

Since its opening in 1970, Dusit Thani Bangkok has become an icon of luxury in the heart of Thailand’s capital, delivering distinctive service underpinned by Thai artistry and graciousness. Dusit Thani Bangkok is a 5-star luxury hotel that embodies the very essence of Thailand and blends it with modern conveniences, affording you a truly singular experience and immersing you in the mystique of the ‘Land of Smiles’. If you are looking for an oasis of luxury and peace far away from the bustling city,

Ladies and gentlemen: dining in Bangkok won’t get any better than this. Believe me when I say this is the best culinary experience I have had so far in the City of Angels! Benjarong Restaurant and its award-winning Danish chef Mr. Morten Boejstrup Nielsen succeed in combining modern techniques with traditional flavors to produce contemporary dished that are distinctly Thai at heart. The staff make you feel at ease from the very beginning thanks to their personal service and attention. The ambience of a lush

Medinii is a lofty Italian restaurant with Asian flavor and offers the feeling of intimate dining with amazing views of Bangkok! As it is located on the 35th Floor of the Continent Hotel and covers the whole floor, every single table offers a different perspective on the city. High ceiling, floor-to-ceiling wall panels that can be adjusted for dining privacy, a private dining room,… all elements that contribute to a memorable dining experience. Did you know that

It’s within steps of one of Bangkok’s most congested highways, but the second you enter The Continent Hotel driveway, the tumult of Sukhumvit is left behind. This 5 star boutique hotel has everything I adore: a 37th level infinity pool, a rooftop bar, a famous sky restaurant with city view… my nerves un-fray immediately! Amazing how the sky feature is abundantly present everywhere in this hotel. Despite of its 39 floors, the Continent Hotel keeps its boutique character at all times. No wonder they