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After many visits to wine caves and vineyards and even more wine tastings (cf. previous blog post), I am ready for some city life. Luxembourg Ville is the city of contrasts. Next to the traditional and historic city center surrounded by impressive rocks and romantic valleys with curving rivers, the Kirchberg plateau represents the modern and contemporary side of the city with its many European and financial institutions. The 110 bridges connecting the traditional and modern quartiers subsequently gave Luxembourg its name as ‘ville

If you are looking for a combination of a tasteful design wine bar/restaurant and high quality in the Luxembourgish wine scene, Domaine Desom is the place to be. Next to its vineyards and caves, the family also owns a restaurant, a wine bar and a wine shop. During the weekends, they often organize live music concerts with interesting wine tastings and definitely my favorite restaurant at the Moselle! Desom’s vineyards are situated on the Mosel’s left bank, covering an area of ca. 42 km between

Luxembourg is not far at all. It's less than a 3,5 hour drive from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris. But why has this small country always been a place I have been passing my whole life on my way to Germany, France or Switzerland? Wait… Luxembourg, isn’t that a town in Germany? Isn’t it the tax paradise where people speak French at home? After hearing all these clichés, it was about time to explore this mysterious country myself. After a weekend full of discoveries,