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I couldn’t only write about Dubai, right? Although the latter has the biggest population, Abu Dhabi is the largest of the UAE’s seven member emirates and moreover: its capital. It’s only a 2h drive from Dubai, so definitely worth a day trip or a weekend. Here are my personal top 4 things to do: "Abu Dhabi is a 2h drive from Dubai, definitely worth a weekend trip" Sheikh Zayed Mosque Although quite far away (18km) from the famous Corniche Road (what could be called Abu Dhabi’s beating heart),

The Emirates Palace  is what Burj Al Arab means to Dubai: “going beyond 5 star luxury”. Imagine 114 breath-taking 18-meter-high domes, ornated hotel rooms and luxury suites all decorated in gold and marble. As Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmark, Emirates Palace embraces the rich culture and colourful traditions of this region and translates this into Arabian warmth and hospitality. No gold nor marble were spared creating this spectacular resort, making it one of the most impressive hotels ever built. Behind the palace you will find a private beach of 1.3

Although quite far away (18km) from the famous Corniche Road (what could be called Abu Dhabi’s beating heart), you absolutely cannot leave Abu Dhabi without having seen the Sheik Zayed Mosque. So take a taxi - which are generally cheaper than in Dubai – put on a black abaya with hood (loaned for free in the basement) and let this majestic piece of art bowl you over!  Sheikh Zayed Mosque Unlike the other mosques in Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is open daily for

As I couldn’t spend much time in Abu Dhabi, choosing rooftop restaurant & lounge Stratos Abu Dhabi for drinks was a last-minute decision and a wild guess… And it was spot on! This grill/lounge (located in Le Royal Meridien Hotel) opened end of 2014 and looks somewhat like a James Bond scene. Don’t be afraid to wear your designer clothes, ‘cause this place is posh! "It looks somewhat like a James Bond scene, this place is posh!" When I was sipping my cocktail, I suddenly felt

Looking for the thrills of your life? Ferrari World already exists since 2010. Man, what have I been doing the last 5 years? Why wasn’t I in Ferrari World? Reasons enough to go on adventure: it’s the world’s biggest indoor theme park (86.000 m2) with the world’s largest logo ever created and the world’s fastest roller coaster! Actually, you should just stop reading and start packing your bags for a trip to Abu Dhabi… Everything packed? Well, let me tell you some curiosities about