As I couldn’t spend much time in Abu Dhabi, choosing rooftop restaurant & lounge Stratos Abu Dhabi for drinks was a last-minute decision and a wild guess… And it was spot on! This grill/lounge (located in Le Royal Meridien Hotel) opened end of 2014 and looks somewhat like a James Bond scene. Don’t be afraid to wear your designer clothes, ‘cause this place is posh!

“It looks somewhat like a James Bond scene, this place is posh!”

When I was sipping my cocktail, I suddenly felt something was not right. And no, it wasn’t that one cocktail too much! No joke: the seating area was rotating! It continuously rotates 360 degrees, giving guests stunning views of the city without even getting up! The (open) kitchen, bathrooms and bar are situated in the stationary inner circle. stratos abu dhabi
Their extended wine list is an absolute must, however the cocktails aren’t too bad either. This is also a great place to watch the sunset and after darkness this place turnes into a cosy gathering of expats, tourists and locals enjoying their drinks in a Friday night atmosphere. stratos abu dhabi

Stratos Abu Dhabi is open from 3 PM on Monday-Saturday and closed on Sunday:


stratos abu dhabi

Stratos Abu Dhabi Stratos Abu Dhabi