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PART 3 METODO CLASSICO SPARKLING WINES OF LUGANA DOC After having tasted some lovely wines in parts one and two of this blog, what really impressed me during our trip was the quality of classic method sparkling wines, especially from the below detailed wineries. The style is different from the ‘Champagne style’, as even the longest ageing on lees (60 months for Ca’Maiol) shows hardly any toastiness or yeastiness, but rather amazingly fresh floral and fruity notes, reminiscent of yellow apple, pear and blossom combined with

PART 2 In part 1 we got a short overview of the Lugana region and now we take a look into the suprisingly good ageing potential of some of its best wines. AGEING POTENTIAL Although 90% of the regions’ production is the ’basic Lugana’ style – as Italian consumers tend to drink the wine within one year – the average ageing potential of the best Lugana wines ranges between 10-15 years, based on my tasting experiences. They show their best at this age, although I

PART 1 Even though more than 70% of Lugana DOC wines are exported - mainly to Germany, USA, Belgium, Northern Europe, China, Japan and UK - many people may have never heard of this fine Italian wine region because it is a small appellation in the southern part of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. A gem of a location, divided between the provinces of Veneto and Lombardy. During a 4-day trip organized and fully paid by Consorzio Tutela Lugana and Fermenti Digitali, our group of #winelovers