You know the feeling: arriving 3 hours in advance at the airport to check in your luggage, queuing for way too long at customs and killing your time strolling through the gift shops. Once you’re finally boarding the plane, you pass through Premium Club first and you can’t stop the thought of how awesome it would be to fly in TUI Premium Club yourself one day. You try not to notice the plush seat cushions, the champagne glasses or the oceans of legroom – but you can’t help but imagine how great it would be to fly in premium class.

So off to the back of the plane, checking out your neighbors and scouting for a spot to store your hand luggage in the overhead bin hoping that the 9 hours ahead of you will pass quickly. So is booking an upgrade to TUI Premium Club really worth it? We were asking ourselves the same question and booked a TUI Premium Club seat on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Brussels to Cancun. It was not disappointing; the 95 cm leg space, in-flight entertainment system and exquisite service were just a few of the advantages.

The TUI Premium Club cabin consists of a total of 49 seats, spread across seven rows in a 2-3-2 configuration. A welcome drink is served just after boarding and two meals are served throughout the flight. All seats have individual nine-inch touch-screens offering 35 films, seven TV channels, 10 music options and six games. The Passengers flying Premium Club get an improved service and food offering, which consists of a four-course meal with a choice of the main dish. Drinks are obviously also included for Premium customers. Other extras include a pillow, blanket, headphones and an amenity kit (with a toothbrush) by the luxury brand Rituals.

TUI Premium Club is not dissapointing: expect 95 cm leg space, an up-to-date in-flight entertainment system and exquisite service

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  • Fast lane in Brussels Airport and separate check-in desk
  • 25 kg luggage & 10 kg hand luggage allowed
  • 95 cm leg space
  • Delicious meals made by Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe
  • Mood lighting (high tech illumination system)
  • 30% taller windows
  • In-flight entertainment system

The menu was created by Chef Steven Dehaeze (Restaurant Culinair in Lauwe, Belgium):

  • Champagne by Saint Réol Grand Cru
  • Starter: smoked European eel, quinoa salad with Granny Smith apple and a guacamole crème.
  • Main dish: slowly baked chicken roulade with mashed celeriac, baked Parisian mushrooms and truffle sauce OR codfish with a creamy risotto, Parmesan crème and zucchini cubes.
  • Dessert: Chocolate brownie with orange crème and chopped hazelnuts.
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  • You can book your Premium Club during the booking process online on . Alternatively, if you decide to book it later, you can book it via the TUI contact center (+32 2 279 47 98).
  • Price: 150 EUR per person per flight.
  • Interested in a rental car? TUI works together with Sunny Cars.

TUI offers direct flights from Brussels to Cancun 3 times a week. Buen viaje!

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