Arriving at Tulum beach area, I was pretty lost on the famous roundabout where I had to choose left or right. That’s why I will make this simple for you. Basically, there is the left side of the beach area, which is less commercialized (and cheaper), and the right side where all the bars/restaurants/lounges/clubs are. On the left side, there are also the Tulum ruins (which are disappointing compared to the other ruins in the area), and close to a small public beach. If you need drinks, food, showers or toilets, you will be better off spending your day in one of the many beach clubs. And why would I be writing this if I hadn’t got some great spots for you to try out?

Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1

Coco Beach Club

Coco´s beach club is a real Pinterest hotspot. Hammocks and beach chairs provide a beautiful view, and just enough shade so you can spend the whole day here enjoying the beach. Imagine white sand, the turquoise ocean, white beach chairs and cabins and green palm trees everywhere. I told you… Pinterest time!

Trendy DJ’s and parties lure even more trendy tourists here, mostly 25-35 years old Americans sipping at their cocktail and doing selfie photoshoots all day. After a couple of days in the quiet Akumal jungle, it definitely feels good to be back in the middle of vibrant city life! Un Modelo Especial, por favor! (i.e. local Mexican beer).

Coco Beach club is a real pinterest hotspot

Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1

El Pez

El Pez is a “seaside chic” boutique hotel with private villas on the beach. It is located on the picturesque Turtle Cove, a natural sanctuary for turtle nestling. Mayan fishermen and pelicans create stunning views. The setting is both intimate and romantic, no wonder there are often weddings here! El Pez clearly has a special vibe about it that attracts tourists to walk in and stand in awe of its beauty. Walk to the shore and discover the hundreds of birds visiting the two massive rock formations just a couple of meters from the shore.

After getting many recommendations for the hotel’s restaurant, I decided to settle down for the night in the Gran Palapa. Dining ‘al fresco’ under the stars: check! The chef offers an enticing menu that features local meat, seafood, and produce.

The Gran Palapa is also the perfect place to try one of the signature cocktails, crafted just for El Pez by their master mixologist. Make sure you try out “Hint and Whisper” (Gin, Elderflower, Fresh Passionfruit, Grapefruit Soda with Lavander Petals)!


  • Starter: Mexican Tuna Crudo Salad: Avocado purée, Cherry Tomatoes, Cambray Onions and Fresh Jalapeño;
  • Main dish: Catch of the day (what else?!): Wrapped in Banana Leaf, Achiote Butter, Bitter Orange, Rice with Xcatic Pepper, Seasonal Leafy Greens;
  • Dessert: Roasted beet and mixed berries: Cardamom, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Mixed Berry Ice Cream.

Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1Beaches and Restaurants in Tulum-1

Mateo’s Mexican Grill

“Try out fish tacos!” is probably the most used recommendation you got when you were planning your trip to Mexico. Well, here it is: Tulum’s best fish taco spot.

Quite different from the other mostly high-end restaurants at the Tulum coast line, Mateo’s is a comfortable, friendly, easy place to go with groups, families, or as a couple. Expect smiling and enthusiastic waiters, live music, fast service, and extraordinary food!

Because Tulum faces east, the only way to watch the sunset is to put yourself high above the jungle that stretches to the west.  Mateo’s is proud to have its very own “sunset lounge” built high above the tree tops for the city’s best evening view. This is also the spot where you can dance the night away with local bands and dj’s.