Cozy settled between impressive dolomites, Bolzano is a wonderful city and enchants every visitor with its medieval city center. We had the opportunity to visit this capital of South Tyrol with a couple of other adventurous and curious bloggers. Travelers: if you decide to explore South Tyrol or even the North of Italy, please promise me you’ll visit Bolzano. Even though the city is in the North of Italy, the micro climate guarantees 300 days of sunshine a year! Or as much as most of the Southern regions and (obviously) a lot more than Belgium. On top of this, they have palm trees because of the warm climate during summer (+30°C) and during the winter you can go skiing within just a 20-minute drive. Admit it: you want to visit Bolzano right now, don’t you?
 If you are going to taste and savor this city just as we have… here are 4 things you are going to love!

Learn to make apfelstrudel

Apfelstrudel is a typical pastry jacket filled with a mix of apple, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and bread crumbs. Go on… Roll up your sleeves and knead the dough! In fact, every family has its own recipe and adds ingredients as they wish, so you can’t mistake. For the hungry people amongst us: you can eat apfelstrudel with ice cream, whipped cream, or just like we did with sugar. Heaven on a plate!



Take the cable car to Soprabolzano

Soprabolzano is a plateau at an altitude of ca. 1200m, giving you a spectacular view on the dolomites and on Bolzano. The way to the top is stunning with magnificent views over the wine fields. The Bolzano inhabitants often climb this mountain for sport, so on your way you might find local people doing their weekly workout. Fresh air and impressive views, this place takes away your breath.



Visit the winery of Franz Gojer

Different generations combine 50 years of wine making. At Franz Gojer everything started by producing red wine, but in 2010 the winery was ready for white wines too. They total vineyard is only 7.5ha and they have a production of ca. 55.000 bottles. Gojer’s bottles are very popular in the region, but you can even find them far beyond Italy’s borders. We were warmly welcomed with a comprehensive wine degustation and some lovely local appetizers such as speck (dry-cured smoked ham) and schüttelbrot (local crispbread). Gojer even challenged us to go for a walk through his beautiful but very steep vineyards. Sit back and enjoy the tremendous view from the top looking down on the gorgeous valley – absolutely marvelous!

Franz Gojer
Adress: Franz Gojer Glögglhof | St. Magdalena | Rivelaunweg 1 39100 Bozen | Italy | Tel. 0471 97 87 75

Go crazy during the South Tyrol Gourmet Festival!

Good food and good wine combined with sunshine and mountains? It almost sounds too good to be true. Food & wine lovers, listed up, I just scheduled something in your agenda! Every two years, Bolzano organizes its famous Gourmet Festival. Write it down on your  bucket list, because you don’t want to miss this party!  All the products you’ll taste during the festival have one thing in common: the South Tyrol Seal of Quality. Delicious bread, fruits, honey, tea, speck, apple juice, wine, yoghurt, beer and so much more. This must be foodie heaven!


Have fun in Bolzano! Salute!