Joëlle Cuisine

Today our path crosses with Joëlle on the Route des Vins d’Alsace. Joelle was a participant in Masterchef together with Florence who’s traveling with us and so we decide to have a little cook-together and pair some of Alsace’s most amazing wines with very good cuisine… that we have to prepare ourselves.

Joelle Cuisine Jens

On the menu:

  • Cherry tomatoes dipped in caramel, sesame or maw-seeds
  • Green asparagus marinated in citron and grilled on the barbecue
  • Chicken Tikka marinated in a yogurt dressing with ginger and fresh garlic
  • Duck marinated in soy and oyster sauce with sesame seeds

Next to the vibrant and energetic Joëlle we have the honor to have Caroline Furstoss at our table to pair some of her “coups de coeurs” or better said her favorite wines of the region. Caroline was elected best Sommelière of France and works nowadays as an independent consultant for one of Paris’ best chefs: Jean-François Piège if she isn’t writing for one of France’s most prestigious wine magazines: La Revue du Vin de France. She brought a Muscat from the vineyards of Bott Frères as an aperitif which paired very well with the tomatoes but the most interesting wines were the Pinot Noir of Les Saintes Claires (Albert Mann), the Riesling of Domaine Agapé and the Schoffweg of Marcel Deiss who is known for using different grape varieties in his wines.

” You can’t have a great symphony of you only play one note.  Marcel Deiss “

Paul Blanck

Surrounded by the vines and with a spectacular view from the top of his vineyards Philippe Blanck welcomes us for a Qigong session. Qigong involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing to calm the body and soul. This  stimulates the senses which is good for tasting wines which we did thoroughly after a 45 minute session of moving arms, legs, bowing and stretching.

The Qigong session is part of the oeno-touristic “La Paranthèse Vigneronne” launched by the touristic office of Kaysersberg. Starting at €20 you can buy a ticket for a wonderful experience in and around Kaysersberg like our Qiogong session. If you are more into gastronomy then you could try the chocolate and Grand Cru tasting or the wine and cheese tasting. You can find all the information on

Parenthèse Vigneronne