Located in Canggu, this resort is a tranquil sanctuary amidst the bustling Canggu streets. Plataran Canggu Resort has great access to all beautiful beaches along the southwest coast (Canggu, Seminyak, Petitenget, Echo Beach), making it great for surfing and enjoying the stunning Bali sunsets. Curious why it’s a good idea to spend a couple of days in Plataran while exploring Canggu?

The hotel

Cocooned within tropical gardens, alongside a river and lush green paddy fields, Plataran Canggu Resort is an oasis of amazing peace and tranquility – a secret hideaway disturbed only by the twitter of birdsong and the crickets’ hum. I am amazed to see that the resort is designed in the form of a labyrinth, allowing guests to wander off and explore the ultimate privacy and serenity of the resort. I am immediately dazzled by the 250-year-old Joglo structure at the entrance. The villas feature traditional alang-alang roofs and amazing antique carved doorways. No noise and no distractions: bring it on, this is exactly what I need now!

Plataran Canggu

The rooms

Wandering through the traditional wood carved Balinese gates, I enter our one-bedroom pool villa. Nestled within the privacy of lush Balinese gardens, I cannot help but walk straight to our private pool and gaze at its sparkling blue colored water. What an amazing experience to unwind in your own pool, watching over red and yellow tropical plants and green rice paddies!

The 100 sqm traditional Balinese room features a luxurious king-size bed and an outdoor bathroom with a shower and a large white bathtub. The perfect combination of tropical living and luxury! The white floors and perfumed toiletry add an element of luxury to the Balinese traditional design. Furthermore, the outer deck features an outdoor dining table, a day bed lounge and an outdoor minibar. The perfect spot to order room service and enjoy a cold beer!

Plataran Canggu

Plataran Canggu Private Villa

The restaurant

The hotel has one main restaurant: Teras Canggu reinterprets authentic Balinese tastes with a modern twist. Savour local dishes such as the signature Lobster Bakso and a fresh take on Bali’s famous Babi Guling. There is also a room service menu that includes familiar Western comfort food. Bring the flavors of Bali’s streets right to your villa and you won’t have any reason to ever leave this wonderful place!

On top of that, the chef and his talented team can take you with them on a culinary Balinese journey: an authentic cooking class! The class is held in a traditional Balinese kitchen with a wood-fired oven to enhance the authenticity of the cooking process. Before any cooking starts, you will join the Chef to collect fresh produce from the local market as he explains the different ingredients you come across. Watch and learn to make 5 Balinese delicacies:

  • Base Gede, which is some kind of a basic sauce, containing: shallot, garlic, red chilies, shrimp paste, kaffir lime lea, ginger, turmeric root, coconut oil, candlenut, galangal, white turmeric, lemongrass, black pepper and coriander seeds. Many dishes are based upon this Base Gede, so this is where it all starts!
  • Pepes Ikan, steamed white fish wrapped in banana leafs.
  • Sate Lilit Ayam, minced chicken satay with fried shallots, coconut milk, lemongrass, palm sugar syrup and lime leafs.
  • Urap Kacang Panjang, which is a long bean salad with grated coconut, fried shallots and lime leafs.
  • For dessert, try out Dadar Gulung, which are pandan crepes with coconut filling. Delicious!

 Plataran Canggu Cooking Class

What to do

  • Go surfing on Echo Beach (‘Pantai Batu Mejan’).
  • Book a morning yoga class: Plataran Canggu Resort offers guided meditation sessions amid the lush Balinese gardens. The sessions are conducted by a professional wellness expert. After class, you can enjoy a freshly prepared jamu, a traditional herbal juice made from natural ingredients.
  • Ready for some action? A less than 20 minutes drive brings you to the world of W Bali and its thrilling atmosphere. Sip a fancy named cocktail in the Woobar, take a refreshing dive in the incredible three-tiered pool, and don’t forget to enjoy a seafood barbecue in the Starfish Bloo restaurant. This magnet for the well-heeled and glamorous also allows day trippers not being a hotel guest. You can enter the pool free of charge, as long as you consume drinks and/or snacks in the Woobar.


  • A one-bedroom garden villa costs ca. 120 EUR per night; a one-bedroom private pool villa around 200 EUR per night.
  • A 75 minutes morning yoga class costs 37 EUR per person.
  • The Balinese cooking class costs ca. 22 EUR per person, including all ingredients for a delicious meal!
  • The hotel offers a free shuttle service to Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu.
  • More information on the website of Plataran Hotels