Naturhotel Miraval is a small, cosy family hotel in the heart of the Dolomites with beautiful vistas of the Santa Croce peak. Expect to be treated with lots of warmth in the Castlunger family’s home. And, as well as a snug resting place, the hotel provides an excellent base for summer adventures, with plenty of nearby biking and hiking trails to enjoy.

Formal or laid back? What’s the first impression upon arrival?

The huge fireplace grabs all your attention when you first enter. I couldn’t help but picture myself sitting there with a blanket and hot cocoa looking out at the falling snow. I was welcomed with a big smile, and it stayed for the duration of my stay. With a warm ambience and beautiful sunsets over the mountains behind the hotel, you immediately sense you’re in for a treat. 

Jet setters or families? What’s the crowd like?

There were mainly German (speaking) guests during my stay, but this was in July 2020, right after the COVID-crisis. I can imagine visitors being more diverse in normal times. The crowd was upper class without being posh. I had the impression most guests were visiting to relax a bit. Their average age must have been around 50 years old. 

Scandinavian minimalism or roaring twenties? What are the rooms like?

The rooms are large and modern. They have a mountain air about them, with lots of wood but it’s well integrated with clean designs. Rather than the typical kind of cabin feeling that wood can bring, you feel like you’re in a well-designed space. I particularly loved the bed lamps and the desk. And, without doubt, the scenery is one of the key features, with wide views over the hotel’s backdrop of rolling lands and lofty mountains. 

What about details?

We were given a small bottle of hand sanitizer upon arrival, which was a thoughtful gesture in the current times. The rooms have all the amenities you could need, including bathrobes and a complimentary bottle of water. Another nice touch was the local cooking salt which we were given at check-out.

Shower, tub or jacuzzi? What’s the bathroom like?

The bathroom has a walk-in shower and separate toilet. The bathroom is open, so the shower isn’t separated from the rest of the room. It didn’t bother me, however. And, while the toiletries are rather basic, you will find everything you need. 

Wining or dining? What’s the food like?

The food was excellent. Naturhotel Miraval positions itself as a premium gourmet hotel working with only local produce. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The breakfast is plentiful with fresh juices, fruits, delicious coffee and, of course, it’s all delivered with a big smile.

The dinners are more sophisticated, with a four-course meal set in a casual-chic environment. The chef prefers working with local ingredients and was able to surprise my taste buds with his interesting combinations such as nettles and ice cream. 

Bed, bath & beyond: are there any other services worth mentioning or notable features?

The spa area is wonderfully integrated against the mountain backdrop. You’ll find a sauna, Turkish steam bath, two relaxation rooms and a big jacuzzi outside on a beautiful deck, nestled amongst the mountains. It was rather calm, but I would suggest talking to reception first to make sure you have enough space and privacy. There is a gym which I didn’t try and a second spa area. Note that some of the guests didn’t mind taking a shower naked and walking back to their chairs without any clothes on. Welcome to Europe!

What is really, and we mean really, worth mentioning about your stay?

The people! A big thank you to the whole staff at the hotel. You can feel their smiles through the face masks, and nothing is ever too much trouble. Their warmth made me feel at home even though we only stayed for two nights.

The million-dollar question? Would you stay here again and why?

Yes! Averaging €130 per night per person including half board and a four-course gourmet meal, this hotel is a really good deal in the region! Prepare yourself to be in for a treat. 

For more information and bookings, visit the Naturhotel Miraval website.