Goboony is the Airbnb of RV rentals in Europe, helping you hire RVs directly from their owners. Whether you prefer to drive around in an iconic VW van, a luxury RV or a dog-friendly motorhome, Goboony has the vehicle for you. There is a wide range of vans, RV’s and oldtimers on offer, giving you the chance to travel in your own style, whatever that may be. And renting your wheels couldn’t be easier, the Goboony website is clear and informative. Time to hit the road and experience it for ourselves!

Formal or laid back? What’s the first impression upon arrival?

The camper looks amazing! We hired an old VW RV from 1989. The moment you step into the van, it’s like going back to a different place in time. You can’t help but notice the little details, like the true 80s designed compact kitchen.
Kris and An, the owners of the van are really nice and take their time to explain all the details. They cover everything from how to drive the van and unfold the roof to the specifics of the insurance policies. 

Hit the road or stay put?

It really depends on your intentions. With a Goboony rental van, you are completely covered in terms of insurance (there is €150 cover). So, if anything goes wrong on your journey, you don’t have to worry. But, it’s worth considering what type of vehicle you have. With an older van like this one, I wouldn’t drive long distances. That said, a 3-400 km spin should be fine. We only took it about 50km and then stayed put, giving in to the spirit of a staycation.

Scandinavian minimalism or roaring twenties? What are the rooms like?

There are two beds in the van, both of which are basic but comfortable. The van has a pop top roof which creates a two-person sleeping platform. Also, the seating area downstairs is quickly transformed into a double bed. While the latter is probably more comfortable, nothing beats the charm and novelty of sleeping up top.

What about details?

Welcome to the 80s! The steering wheel, the buttons, the gear stick… It’s a genuine throwback to days gone by.

Shower, tub or jacuzzi? What’s the bathroom like?

Be aware, there is no bathroom in this RV. On Goboony website, you can find newer vans that are equipped with a bathroom, but this one is old school. Live in nature, go for a swim in a nearby lake or stop at a campsite to take a real shower. Don’t expect luxury but expect experience. In the end, drinking a glass of wine while the sun is setting in the middle of the fields is the real luxury on offer here.

Wining or dining? What’s the food like?

There is a well-equipped kitchen with a stove and a small refrigerator. So, while we didn’t get much further than a picnic, if you feel like cooking, everything is available. 

Bed, bath & beyond: are there any other services worth mentioning or notable features?

The booking process goes very smoothly, the communication is transparent, and everything is very well explained on the Goboony website. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs, and you only pay 10% of the total amount at the time of the booking. 

What is really, and we mean really, worth mentioning about your stay?

The freedom! Taking a house on the road is one of my favourite feelings! I had the chance to go on a Californian road trip in an RV (including a week at Burning Man) but to have this same feeling of freedom again at home is really liberating. 

The million-dollar question? Would you stay here again and why?

I would love to go on a longer trip with Goboony! Sadly I had to squeeze it in between other travels, but I hope to hit the road again soon with Goboony! It’s genuinely a great initiative!

For more information and bookings, visit the website of Goboony