Luxembourg is not far at all. It’s less than a 3,5 hour drive from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris. But why has this small country always been a place I have been passing my whole life on my way to Germany, France or Switzerland? Wait… Luxembourg, isn’t that a town in Germany? Isn’t it the tax paradise where people speak French at home? After hearing all these clichés, it was about time to explore this mysterious country myself. After a weekend full of discoveries, I found out that Luxembourg is not only a place of astonishing landscapes and architecture, but also a country that fosters entrepreneurship and stylish quality wines. Unexpectedly, we came in touch with two young and dynamic wine makers: the Duhr Brothers.

Duhr Brothers

Maison Ms. Aly Duhr & Fils
9 & 16 rue Aly-Duhr, 5401 Ahn, Luxembourg

Founded in 1872 and managed since then by different generations of the Duhr family, this wine domain is particularly remarkable because of its authenticity yet straight forward spirit. Since two years, the brothers Max (25 years old) and Ben Duhr (29 years old) are the leading forces behind the Duhr wine producing activities. Without any doubt they are the two youngest wine producers in the region with 100% responsibility of all activities. Thanks to their studies in Geisenheim and Bordeaux, they can count on a strong expertise and knowledge to further expand the winery. They currently own 18 hectares, producing ca. 150.000 bottles per year mainly for the Luxembourgish market. The vineyards are situated in Ahn, Wormeldange, Machtum, Grevenmacher and Mertert. The main Luxembourgish cépages are also found here: Auxerrois, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer. 70% of the wines are elevated in Bordeaux barrels, 30% in inox barrels.

As Ben told us we would only get lunch after helping the harvesting team in the vineyards, we accepted the challenge and grabbed our scissors. Not as easy as we thought due to the steep lands! The well deserved and delicious lunch in the middle of the vineyards with the typical gromperekichelcher (crispy potato fritters) and home made deserts by Grandmom Duhr was very rewarding!

Aly Duhr

Grapes - Riesling - Harvest

Harvest Luxemburg - Vins moselle