I have always been a fan of skiing in Austria. Not only because of the beautiful landscapes and surroundings but mostly because skiing is Austria is always a lot of fun! Zillertal is the place to go if you like to hop out of the cable car with your skis over your shoulder while the snow glistens in the sunshine and crunches beneath your ski boots with every step you take. Your gaze wanders across the seemingly endless winter landscape. Now, insert your boots into the bindings – and you’re off!

Zillertal is situated in West Austria, in the federal state of Tyrol. It branches off from the Inntal roughly 40 km east of Innsbruck and is ideally situated for a relaxing start to your holiday. Surrounded by numerous three thousand meter peaks the wide and therefore sunny valley extends over 47 km. In contrast to other Tyrol side valley, the Zillertal only climbs slightly from Strass (523 m) to Mayrhofen (633 m). The valley gets its name from the Ziller river, which runs out of the valley and flows into the Inn.

Skiers and snowboarders are awaited by exhilarating fun on 515 kilometers of piste – with pleasant carving slopes, long, sporty valley runs and demanding routes for real experts. Eight fun runs offer enjoyment for people of all ages. Adrenalin junkies can furthermore choose from seven fun parks and several easily accessible freeride routes. Take a relaxed and safe stroll to the lift in comfortable shoes without having to lug your equipment with you. The ski depots in the newly built valley stations of the 10-seater Spieljochbahn and the Finkenberger Almbahn enable a smooth start to your day on the slopes. The equipment can be handily retrieved from the convenient lockers by opening them with your Zillertaler Superskipass. The time has then come to climb into the gondola – with blissfully warm feet as your ski boots are pre-heated in the depots overnight.

For those who are up early, the old adage applies: the early bird catches the worm. With the Early Morning Skiing experience, you can enjoy the rays of the rising sun as you carve your first turns down the untouched slopes from 6.55 a.m. And why not rent your very own piste? Groups can enjoy the private piste all to themselves for a full hour. The perfect opportunity to test your boundaries with your closest friends without anyone else getting in the way – on freshly groomed, non-slippery slopes.

Following the exclusive slope experience, a hearty breakfast with regional, natural products helps you recharge your batteries for even more hours of skiing fun. Hosted by friends The ski area offers around 80 huts as the perfect stop-off places to enjoy a little downtime from your athletic efforts out on the slopes – whether to top up your energy before you head back for more or at the end of a long day of skiing. Get together over a chilled Zillertal beer or a lovely schnapps. Those who regard the evening as a time to relax and recuperate can draw new strength for the next day on the slopes with a leisurely winter hike or bike ride in the snow far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An evening visit to a sauna is a further great way to unwind. In other words: just sit back & relax!