Martin’s Patershof is a former church transformed into a 4 stars luxury hotel in the heart of Mechelen, right in between Antwerp and Brussels. This Belgian hotel group accepted the major challenge to preserve the past and at the same time meet the expectations of today’s demanding travelers. And they succeeded. After an impressive metamorphosis, they now offer an out-of-the-ordinary stay in an exclusive historic setting.

Martins Paterhof

Gazing up at the church’s beautiful façade, I immediately notice the sound of clinking glasses inside. As I walk through the glass doors, praying monks and Franciscan chants reverberate in my mind. I feel like being taken on a journey through time and space, back to the time where the Friar Minors, a Franciscan order, was established in Mechelen. I can’t help but being astounded by all the authentic elements kept in this building: pointed arches, vaults, cupolas, pillars and even the former chancel! This is Patershof: elements from the past enfolded in a modern and luxury interior, where class and style are obviously key.

The history of Martin’s Patershof began around 1231 with the Friar Minors, a Franciscan order. At the end of the 18th century, the Friar Minors were driven out of the city by the French revolutionists. Later, the religious orders – including the Friar Minors – were again permitted to return to Mechelen. They decided to build a new cloister, in neo-Gothic style, in the Heihoekwijk. Their church was constructed under the vigilant eye of the Antwerp architect Paul Stoop. During World War II, the Germans temporarily requisitioned the church. Afterwards, the Friar Minors carried out various renovations and reconstructions, until, at the end of the 1990s, they decided to sell the buildings. In 1999, the complex was deconsecrated and turned into a residential area with gardens. Finally, in 2006, the Martin’s Hotels Group applied for a building permit in order to transform the former church into a 4-star hotel and opened its doors in June 2009.

Martins Paterhof

Martin’s Patershof has 79 unique rooms, located in the former nave, all bathing in mysterious light. The hotel offers five types of guest rooms: Cosy, Charming, Great, Exceptional and Best of Home. Pay attention to the sophisticated details in the rooms: velvet sofas, soft beds upholstered in chestnut colored linen, refined rugs, golden brown or silver green taffeta wall coverings, atmospheric bedside lamps, etc. We had the opportunity to stay in The Best Of Home suite, the hotel’s masterpiece: located just above the church altar, it was our little piece of heaven for the weekend. Simply amazing!

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  • You can park your car temporarily in front of the entrance to take out your luggage. Afterwards, you can park your car in the hotel’s private parking, or in the streets.
  • You can book a room starting from ca. 110 EUR.
  • Don’t skip breakfast! It’s a wonderful experience, enjoying an abundant breakfast in the former chancel.
  • Address: Karmelietenstraat 4, 2800 Mechelen
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