The cave of Nikolas is a local fish tavern and one of hidden gems of Santorini. This restaurant offers delicious local cuisine. Expect typical local dishes such as fava, tzatziki, fresh fish but it is world famous in Santorini for its tomatoes. 70% of the ingredients that are used in the kitchen are grown on their own farm. Wash down these Greek delicacies with a local glass of Assyrtiko or Mavrotragano wine and you will be in foodie heaven.

The Cave of Nikolas 2

At Akrotiri Beach, by the sea you can find this small cave build by Uncle Nikolas with his own hands three generations ago. Made with lots of love and passion, the cave of Nikolas offered shelter to himself and his little boat. His wide heart, the fresh fish he used to catch and the local wines he always had made in this cave his home made it the paradise on earth. Aunt Efstathia, his wife, was always to be found in the kitchen, together with neighbors and fishermen that loved her cuisine.

One of the best restaurants of Santorini!

Uncle Nikolas converted his shelter in a small tavern, for hungry workmen offering them tradition and delicious treats such as the homemade tomato balls (with or without codfish inside), fava, homemade Tzatziki, grilled mussels and of course lots of fresh fish. Over the years, the cave of Nikolas became more known to visitors of Santorini, but mostly Greeks can be found in the small tavern. The food in the tavern is absolutely amazing, by far the best address in Santorini and the homemade tomato balls with codfish are a must-do. Do not leave Santorini without having tasted this speciality of the house. They are a-mazing!

The Cave of Nikolas

Akrotiri, Santorini
Phone: +30 2286082303

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