Bordeaux is France’s sixth largest city, world-famous for its gold standard of winemaking, it offers endless culinary delights. The city creates an intoxicating blend of 18th-century history, hi-tech innovations and urban street life. On top of this chateaux tours, specialist tastings, and a whole museum dedicated entirely to wine make it somewhere to taste with all your senses.

Walk along the winding Garonne river, devour the city’s grand architecture, and get a taste of chic city life at the CIVB wine bar. With such variety on offer, it can be hard to know where to start. Why not take a city tour to get a feel for the sights and tastes that will leave you wanting more?

Let Local Bordelais Inspire You

Insol’Eat Bordeaux offers tours by two young locals who are head over heels in love with their city. They take guests on pedestrian tours of the city, ensuring to give time to savour both its history and gastronomy. The tours allow you to discover the best Bordeaux has to offer with the perfect concoction of culture and food.

Start your journey in Place de la Bourse and stop to try local delicacies. Visit Les Trois Pinardiers, an intriguing bar come wine cellar, and taste some of their extensive collection. Amble past the majestic Grand-Théâtre and Cathedral and then taste some local cheeses in L’Héritage De Robert. Finish off the day with a drop of your favourite tipple and a panoramic city view from the rooftop of the Sofitel hotel.

Bordeaux Opera

Feast At Bordeaux’s Wine Festival

Every other year, in June, Bordeaux celebrates its famous heritage of local wine production with the highly acclaimed ‘Fête le Vin’. The festival is different from others in the region as it takes place along the Garonne riverfront and is open for everyone to enjoy. Dozens of the 8,900 wine châteaux in the area set up stalls offering sips of their premier produce.

The festival not only celebrates the heritage of the wine but the Aquitaine region. The southwestern region of France is blessed with glorious sunshine and an enviable agricultural bounty. Visitors can buy a tasting pass, sling a glass-carrier around their necks and taste wines until their hearts are content. Meeting the winegrowers and wine merchants of the beautiful region gives the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of its moreish nectar.

Bordeaux’s wine festival is a wonderful demonstration of the way of life in the southwest of France. The atmosphere is relaxed yet bustling. What’s more, the event is coupled with workshops, exhibits and is rounded off with a spectacular firework display. The perfect way for your trip to Bordeaux to go off with a bang.

Bordeaux Fete Le Vin