Spring is in the air. The sun is finally breaking  through so winter sports are probably the last thing on your mind. But just imagine gliding down the mountain in soft snow on a gorgeous sunny day. Sounds great, right? Spring is the ideal season for everyone who loves a relaxed and sunny vacation in the snow. You have until the end of April to go skiing in the French ski areas, so you still have plenty of time. But what makes spring skiing so special? We listed five reasons why it might be a good idea to dust off your skis and travel to the land of croissants, wine and snow drenched slopes, La France.

1. Sunny skies

I love Spring skiing because you can expect sunshine!  Time to get rid of that extra sweater on the slopes and get used to a very pleasant temperature. Can you imagine skiing down the slopes in only a t-shirt? Ideal, right? No more hot cocoa on that sunny terrace but get yourself a refreshing and well deserved glass of white wine or a beer!

2. Hero snow

I’m sure everyone who’s ever been skiing in Spring has heard of hero snow. Hero snow is perfect, fluffy snow as soft as wool. You’ll glide through the snow so well, that you feel as if you are a hero. Scared to fall? Don’t be! The soft snow will easily break your fall. So don’t be afraid of bad snow quality in spring, most of the slopes will be open even if it’s not freezing anymore.

3. Non-stop adrenaline

Had enough of skiing? No problem! There are a multiple other activities you can do during spring. Ever driven a snow scooter or went paragliding? There’s an abundance of activities that will bring your adrenaline levels to new heights! See how Matthias Giraud outruns an avalanche in the French Alps in this amazing GoPro video.

4. Explore the unique nature

Of course not everyone is looking for an adrenaline rush. Maybe you’d rather enjoy the beautiful nature in a peaceful way? Put on your moonboots and go for a stroll along the fresh fragrant pine trees and spot as many mountain animals as you can! The French mountains guarantee some beautiful Instagram shots like here in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville! 


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5. Some well-deserved rest at competitive prices

One of the biggest advantages of Spring skiing is that you can relax on the slopes. No more queues at the ski lifts and no traffic jams on your way to the Alps. The high season in the French Alps is in February, which means there’s more choice in accommodation and the stores hold multiple sales starting at the end of March. So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the website of France Montagnes for extra information about Spring skiing. You’ll find all the available information on ski areas in France. Looking for more inspiration? Visit the site of France.fr and let it seduce you to spend your spring on the slopes. Adventure, adrenaline and unique stories guaranteed!