If you are as big of a fan of brunching as I am, then Berlin is definitely the place to be. The hipster vibe runs through this city as wine runs through my veins. And as we all know; with hipsters also come great brunch spots. My top spots for a Brunch in Berlin. brunch in berlin

1. Café am Neuen See

Hidden in the middle of the Tiergarten park you find this green getaway. Plump down at one of the cozy tables in the middle of the woods near the idyllic pond and enjoy a lovely breakfast with eggs, cheese, sweets and a café latte. Watch out for the little sparrows; they like your brunch as much as you do. For digestion you can rent a small boat or enjoy the beautiful park.

Café am Neuen See
Lichtensteinallee 2
10787 Berlin
Price: between € 12 – € 20 for the brunch
Brunch until 12 AM.
Brunch In Berlin Brunch in Berlin


2. Literaturhaus

Another green spot and a little bit more upscale is Literaturhaus. You will find a good mix of Germans and expats enjoying a cappuccino or a latte in the morning in the middle of the garden of this beautiful villa. Share a table with a local (as I did), sit back and relax. You can walk around in the garden or take a look inside the beautiful house. There is a book shop on the ground floor and at night there are several lectures or literature workshops.

Café im Literaturhaus
Fasanenstraße 23
10719 Berlin (Charlottenburg)
Price: between € 15 – € 20
Brunch until 2 PM.



3. Café Morgenland

What a place… Café Morgenland in Kreuzberg might be the most amazing brunch spot I’ve ever seen. The choices on the menu are endless, but don’t even bother going through the menu on a Sunday. They offer a gigantic brunch buffet that covers the whole menu… for € 9,50 per person! So sit down, take a sip of your coffee and… attack. As Morgenland is famous for its pancakes, enough assertiveness and speed is required when you make your way through the mass of locals and tourists. Although many many people come and go, you are free to stay as long as you like and enjoy one more delicious juice or home made ice tea.

Café Restaurant Morgenland
Skalitzer Straße 35
10999 Berlin
Price: € 9,50 (coffee not included)
Brunch until 4 PM (on Sunday)

 Brunch In Berlin