Hannover is a vibrant metropolis in the South of Germany. The city is home to trendy pubs, cafés and stylish boutiques where you can while away on a laidback trip. Wander in the tranquil streets, visit art galleries, museums, theatres or one of the many coffee bars. Hannover is bursting with charm so what are you waiting for? It’s just around the corner!

1. International Firework Festival

The beautiful Royal Gardens of Hannover Herrenhausen function as the venue for the international Firework Festival. On five evenings from May to September, the best pyrotechnic artists try to outdo one another by performing their firework choreographies with matching musical compositions for the compulsory and the free part. This event is absolutely magical and this year HC Pyrotechnics from Belgium competed against Germany, Canada, Ukraine & France. And they won with this spectacular show!

2. Hannover Zoo

Hannover Zoo is so much more than a zoo. It has beautifully designed theme worlds with great attention to detail. You can take a boat down the Zambezi through the savannah, follow the Evolution Trail to the top of the Gorilla Mountain, or observe elephants, tigers and leopards in the Jungle Palace. Kangaroos, emus and wombats await you during an expedition across the shimmering red landscape of the Outback. Relive the thrill of the Gold Rush as you wander around the Canadian scenery of Yukon Bay, where wolves with glowing amber eyes lurk in the background, while caribou and bison stroll past. Enter the hull of the Yukon Queen freighter and experience the underwater world of the polar bears.

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Hannover Adventure Zoo

3. The New Town Hall

The New Town Hall of Hannover was built in a typical early 20th century style. The top of the impressive dome of the New Town Hall reaches 97,73 meter. The dome structure and the curved elevator with an angle of 17 degrees are unique for the architecture of city halls in Germany and are worth a visit. This special elevator takes you up to the viewing platforms that are located above the dome of which you have a spectacular view over the city. The elevator features windows in ceiling and floor, but it can be switched to opaque if requested for people that are afraid of heights.

Discover the New Town Hall here.

Discover Downtown Hannover

The beautiful Yentl posing at the New Town Hall.

4. Herrenhausen Gardens

The famous Herrenhausen Gardens are a true highlight and the Great Garden is one of the most important examples of baroque horticulture in Europe. The gardens are also the venue for the Fireworks Competition. Stroll around the beautiful gardens and search for the golden gate. You will not be disappointed!

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Herrenhausen Gardens

5. Discover Downtown Hannover

Downtown Hannover has one of the largest continuous pedestrian zones in Germany. The 300.000 m² of retail space make shopping trips a really enjoyable experience. Continue your trip to the Market Hall, known as the “Belly of Hannover”, it is popular for its vast diversity of fresh food and exclusive international delicacies. Also the bar scene in Hannover is worth a try. Have you ever heard of a “Lüttje Lage”? That’s beer with Korn schnapps but drunk out of two glasses at the same time! A real challenge!

Discover Downtown Hannover here.

Discover Downtown Hannover