Win a trip to Ibiza

There are no other words to say it: autumn slapped us in the face like it never did before. The grey and rainy months have arrived *brrr*. I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely not ready for this weather. So that’s why Corendon sends me to… Ibiza!! And I can take a few readers of my blog with me!  What do you have to do to win a trip to Ibiza? Just go to the Corendon website, fill out the form and that’s it! You have until October 20th to fill out the form. The sad thing is: I can not take everyone with me. The good thing on the other hand is that Corendon will be flying to Ibiza from Brussels Airport starting early 2016. Gogogo and let’s have some fun in Ibiza!

wina trip to ibiza Playa-den-bossa Portinant