Dreary winter weather already got you down? Same here. But don’t worry! Beginning in April 2016, Corendon Airlines, will offer direct flights from Brussels to Ibiza with an optional return flight. Here, you will read about my favorite experiences in Ibiza: the Ibiza must see’s, do’s & drinks that challenges the conventional idea of the island as a land of fiesta.

Alongside a team of bloggers such as Living by the Sea and Reismicrobe, journalists and a very fortunate group of persons who won the contest via my blog, I had the luxury of living “una experiencia inolvidable” for a single day.

Before we continue, I must admit, before visiting the island, my biases stood in the way of my desire to see Ibiza. What could a location known for its wild fiestas have to offer? “Pero, Ibiza es mucho más que sol, playa y fiesta”, explained our tour guide with a big toothed grin as we exited the plane. And boy oh boy, was he right. Unlike its popularized depictions, Ibiza provides a stunning assortment of breathtaking views, mouthwatering treats and dishes, and a rich culture that will shatter the clichéd image of the island that is all too pervasive. I’d like to thus list three Must see’s, Must do’s and Must eat and drink spots that will forever transform your conception of Ibiza.

“Ibiza es mucho más que sol, playa y fiesta”


Reach the summit of Ibiza at Es Cubells. A cliff located southward, Es Cubells grants a breathtaking view of Es Vedra (a micro village) and Formentera (a small island). Looking for an ideal location to pop the big question? This is the ideal proposal spot! But the richness of the view and lush green and blues of the view pair just as nicely with a picnic outing with friends. Afterwards, take a swim at the beach of Cala d’Hort. Try to get there early to avoid the beach rush!

Ibiza must see's

Not a fan of heights? Go to one of Ibiza’s more down to earth areas (literally): the salt lakes of Ses Salines. The salt lakes play a crucial role in maintaining the ecology of the environment, and provide a flow of sustenance for the wildlife (go, go, flamingo, oh!), fauna and the local economy of Ibiza. Let it be known that Sal de Ibiza stems from these waters. As an aromatic fleur de sel with a subtle structure and taste, it is no wonder that this salt is lauded by foodies in every corner of the globe. Sprinkle a dash on some freshly baked bread topped with grilled fish for a mouthwatering experience. De-li-cioso!

The parties and clubs in Ibiza are known to be legendary. But even if clubbing isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend that you chance a visit at some of the iconic bars and hotels, like the first Hard Rock Hotel in Europe. With its own main stage, rooftop terrace, wellness and myriad amenities, pampering yourself at this is the place couldn’t be easier!

Ibiza Must See's 2


Visit Dalt Villa, the former capital. In this instance, ‘Dalt’ stands for high, not old. You’ll understand why after taking an excursion up its steep staircase. This character rich city is peppered with little shops, bars, plazas and streets in which getting lost will be an enjoyable experience. With cervezas available nearly everywhere, and quality bags and goods, you’ll have a blast. Don’t forget to visit the University for Pirates, by the way! And yes, we’re serious!

Ibiza must do's 1

Avoid modern forms of transportation and use a bike to explore the city”, explained our guide, “because that’s the best way to experience the authentic face of this island’s enchanting rock formations, olive trees and stunning beaches”. If you have the time, you should absolutely take the boat trip to Formentera.

Ibiza must do

Skinny dip under the light of the fullmoon. Don’t worry–Ibiza isn’t known for its werewolves. Take a load off and dive in for a refreshing dip au naturale.  The waters will revitalize you if the fresh air, scrumptious food and colorful culture hasn’t already!

Ibiza Must do's 3


Why go for burgers, fries and pizza  when a trendy spot like Babylon Beach (a stone’s throw from St. Eularia) offers flavorful, fresh seafood. Try the grilled salmon with green asparagus, aïoli and, you guessed it, a hint of sal de Ibiza for una experiencia saboroso!

Explore the cocktail options. Don’t order the usual gin & tonic, or rum and coke. Mix up the afternoon or evening with a gourmet cocktail like this gin with raspberry and rose petals. I can still taste the heavenly goodness #takemeback

Ibiza Must eat & drink

End every dinner with a shot of hierbas ibicencas, a digestivo with anise and local herbs. At the end, you’ll be pleased that you dared to say “adios” to the hackneyed depictions of Ibiza. There’s absolutely more to this island than a scintillating sun, pristine beaches and outlandish parties.

Ibiza Must eat & drink 1

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