In between my trips, I spend a lot of time practicing several kinds of sports: from running to cycling and letting off steam on a cross trainer. That’s why I am a huge fan of the new Q Adapt headphone series of Libratone. The adjustable noise cancellation system makes this headphone an ideal companion during your work-out.

Furthermore, the headphones are an absolute must-have if you are often in noisy environments such as cities or airplanes. As I am traveling often, I love using the Libratone headphones to shut off the noisy environment and focus on writing blog posts or listening to my favorite music. How relieving it is to turn down and mute the roaring airplane’s motors and the crying baby sitting in the seat next to you!

The new Q Adapt headphone series featuring CityMix™ offers adjustable noise cancellation (ANC) that lets users tune their audio exactly to their environment. Thanks to the 4 different levels of noise canceling, you will have the most personalized mobile audio experience ever!

The Adapt In-Ear Headphones are among the world’s first lightning powered headphones, designed for use with all iPhone and iPad models with Lightning connector. That means they deliver a more robust digital sound and they don’t need a cumbersome extra battery pack like typical ANC headphones. Q Adapt cables are made of a special Libratone fabric and have an embedded microphone for phone calls and Siri commands. The earbuds are made of durable rubber to optimize acoustic performance and are designed to be more comfortable than typical ANC earbuds.

Q Adapt In-Ear Headphones are available in Elegant Nude, Cloudy White, Stormy Black and Rose Pink. The earbuds come in three sizes to ensure the perfect fit. All Libratone speakers can be controlled via the Libratone app.

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