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Teaneau des Charentes

Pineau des Charentes Cocktails

Since the beginning of time – or maybe around 1600 AD – Pineau des Charentes took up its place among the great classics of aperitifs. Classics? Time to stir things up! Six Belgian bartenders got creative with this sunshine in a bottle and delivered six beautifully crafted pieces of art. To our surprise we came to the conclusion that Pineau des Charentes is the perfect ingrediënt for a pure and refined cocktail that needs little else. 

Pineau des Charentes is made through the careful combination of grape juice (wine) and cognac. The result? A liquorous wine that is fruity and elegant at the same time. It is a subtle mix of sweetness and fruity flavours, wether you prefer to drink it pure or mixed in a cocktail. This refreshing classic aperitif keeps up with the hipsters, because know you are not only supposed to drink it pure, but Pineau is really promoting their cocktails! Our personal favourite is without a doubt the Negroni with a twist. We love the vintage feel of it and the Negroni is always been one of our favourite cocktails. Another cocktail we really liked is the Teaneau des Charentes: 50 ml Pineau des Charentes white, 25 ml lemon juice, 20 ml sugar sirop, 40 ml tea (jasmin tea or ice-tea) and the finishing touch: a slice of lemon and fresh tarragon.


Do you want to know more? Check www.pineau.be 



Teaneau des Charentes

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